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Missourians work hard for their money and pay their taxes.  This means spending/managing their hard earned dollars of our citizens wisely and appropriately. Times are tough right now.  Many are cutting back their spending and working more than one job to make sure that they can provide for their families.  Jefferson City needs to respect our citizen’s tax dollars.  I will follow the tax payer’s money to make sure that waste and unnecessary spending is cut, to live within our means as we either maintain or lower our level of taxation, while at the same time improving services and increasing the quality of life for all citizens.


I have been an educator for 21 years.  I understand the importance of education on our children.   I understand the important role of our parents have in the development of our children.  Education is a cooperative effort between our government, our school districts and our citizens.

The quality of education largely depends on the strength of our local school districts and level of performance that our parents, administrators, teachers and students achieve. We must set and maintain the highest standards of education for our schools that allow students to explore a variety of careers and skill sets to allow them to compete in college, technical/vocational/trade schools and work world.

School districts across the state must receive fair and equitable funding.  I will work to provide adequate funding for our schools. We have all seen the chilling effect the economy can have on our communities.  We can invest in education, or we can invest in social programs and prisons.  It isn’t just children that require educating, and it isn’t just money that needs to be invested in education.

Economic  Development

Entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of our economy. Businesses need to be free to operate in such a way that can lead to more jobs paying higher wages. Regulation should be limited and taxes should be low which could give businesses the revenue that they need to experiment with growth and employment issues. My father owned and operated a small construction company.  Through his teachings, I have developed an understanding of what business owners need from policy makers in order to establish and grow
their organizations. We need policies that create prosperity instead of policies that create problems.


I have always believed that life begins at conception and will properly advocate for the rights of the unborn in Jefferson City.  We must protect and provide security for all its citizens.

Family Life

Family makes our community. The traditional family unit plays a vital role that should be protected at all costs. I will always take a stance that laws shouldn’t interfere with traditional family values. I will promote policies that encourage a family to be a marriage of a man to a woman and promote life. Prosperity is a direct result when a family and community work together efficiently.

Protecting the 2nd Amendment

Growing up in rural Missouri, I have had many opportunities to handle and properly use fire arms.  I am a member of the National Rifle Association.  I believe that “citizens” own guns, “subjects” do not.  I will fight for our rights to bear arms.

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